Heather LaRossa

My name is Heather LaRossa , and the program Rise Phoenix Rise and Traci Jones has been a big help for me,, matter a fact I’ve gotten more out of this program in less time then I’ve ever gotten from state/county mental health,, mainly because our animals are a big part of it,, but also because they seem to listen and care more about what’s going on with me,, and find ways to keep me involved with what keeps me happy and that’s my dogs,, there really needs fo be more programs like this instead of just putting people on drugs and sending them out the door,, not saying that in some cases those meds are still needed but I know that a person wouldn’t need as many,,, cause there’s no better drug then the love from a dog/cat or any animal for that matter,, to help a person get through their troubled time be it menally or physically,,,,,, I’ve gotten to where I don’t want to go anywhere cause I don’t want to be around people,, but Traci Jones and Rise Phoenix Rise has helped me with that in a lot of ways that I don’t even think she knows,, and that’s the praise she gives me and me dogs for being such well mannered and trained,,, and that alone makes me feel like I do still have some worth,, ,,, so with this I will continue on going to this program and stop going to mental health….

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  1. Susan Leghart on February 9, 2017 at 5:10 am

    Heather I am touched by your testimony of the transformative benefits of being with animals and having Tracy Jones and Rise Phoenix Rise in your life. My hope for you is to continue to get out and find your happy places!

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